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Cognizant Technology solution
Posted: November 28, 2020
Last activity: December 3, 2020

Bundle configuration


I have the following scenarios to implement using Pega 8.5.

  • I have 3 individual proposition lets pay P1,P2,P3
  • I have 2 bundle proposition P4 which include P2 & P3 and another one P5 which include P1,P2,P3.
  • This bundle needs to be implemented in inbound channel like web and outbound channel like Email
  • Display will be like first it will show  p4 and with in P4 it should show child offers like P2 and P3.

What I am doing is

  • Configuring parent proposition with fixed bundle giving bundle name as 'bundle1'
  • configuring child proposition with same bundle name i.e 'bundle 1'
  • but when strategy is executed then only parent bundle is coming out of strategy result and not the child ones

I can customize the strategy to bring child proposition as well but I would like to know how OOTB is doing. So my specific question is

  1. How OOTB is bringing Child proposition as well in the same jason or output file(for outbound)

I was going through pega user guide for 8.5 and NBA framework strategy,but could not figure out a clear documentation.

Can you please provide a clear step by step guide on what are the steps required to complete the configuration


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