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Posted: October 30, 2019
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business vs process reports


Business and process reports

Isnt the knowledge check answer in conflict with the example you give for process reports?

You give examples for process reports:

What is being measured?What is the data?What is the process design decision?
Open loan application cases exceeding the standard three-day service level deadlineMost of the open cases are for loan amounts greater than 300,000 USD.Loan requests that exceed this amount must go through an additional review step, which accounts for the delay. The department manager decides to increase the service level deadline for loans exceeding 300,000 USD from 3 to 4 days.
Average duration of assignments by type and actionThis report identifies which user actions take the longest to complete.Spend time on improving the efficiency of those assignments taking the most amount of time to complete.

and right afterwards you ask and answer as follows:


A sales manager runs weekly reports on how long it takes to prepare a car for customer delivery. Which type of report metrics apply to this report?

Business metrics, because how long it takes to prepare a car for customer delivery is not a metric based on a Pega Platform parameter.

I thought that "process report" is the correct answer, because you could define an assignment "prepare car for customer delivery" and track the time until whoever system user prepares the car confirms that the assignment is fulfilled. This resembles the example given for process report "average duration of assignment" and its tracked by the pega system.

Either I totally missunderstood who to and how you can assign tasks or you must specify the examples for proces reports differently. I am not sure, but maybe the cirital point to differentiate business from process reports seems to be whether or not the task itself is performed ON the platform? Maybe you could give a better definition/differentiation of the two?

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