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Posted: March 14, 2016
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Calendar Gadget - questions

we are trying to implement the Calendar gadget for our customer appointments. The objective is to let the customer choose the slot he wants to book based on the availability of appointments, we wanted to check if the below requirements are available in Calendar Gadget or will be provided in the future enhancements.

1. Onclick on a cell inside the calendar ->
Pega by default, provides only support to opening cases. Please let us know if this can be extended for refreshing section/ perform local actions. This is helpful to display appointments when the user selects on a particular day on the calendar in the monthly view.

2. Customizing the Header.
Pega by default allows users to navigate any number of months before/after. Can we restrict the users to navigate to only couple of months (forwards or backwards)

3. Defaulting to Next month ->
Pega defaults to current month and don’t see an option to default to next month. Have to check if we override the parameters in the pre load activity.

4. Suppress Smart Hover ->
Pega is not allowing to mark the Smart Hover parameter as blank , most likely a bug. Its defaulting to 'pyCalendarEventDetails' always.

5. Length of the appointment in Day view->
Height of the appointment is not matching to the length of the appointment window. For e.g if the appointment is from 9-11 am, it’s starting from 9.00 am and only filling up to 9.30 am. I looked into the code and this seems a bug in the .

6. Color Coding fonts –
We can color the background but not the fonts, just wanted to make sure that its not possible. we can ignore this if not available.

7. Gray out boxes -
I don’t see an option to grey out boxes in the calendar when all appointments are taken and no appointments are available.

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