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call wcf service

Hi all,

We're using prpc 7.1.7 in our company. This is hosted on Weblogic 12c which runs on linux (Red Hat 4.4.7-3).

I'm trying to call a WCF service which is written in .Net platform, and hosted on a windows machine.

This WCF service is a soap service actually, and I can make soap calls successfully with SoapUI-v4.6.4.

When I try to create a connector for this service using "connector and metadata wizard", I can see the wsdl, and choose both bindings (net.tcp binding and wshttp binding) in the wizard screens.

I choose wshttp binding.

On the test screen, when I test an operation, it waits until timeout occurs.

Error message in the prpc "connector and metadata wizard"s test screen is below:

"There was a problem in invoking SOAP Service :com.pega.apache.axis2.AxisFault: Read timed out"

05-05-2016 16-51-36.png


- I attached my WCF service's wsdl document to this question.

- On .Net side, I receive no message, wait time is not spent on .Net side.

- I can call services that are not written in .Net (hosted on the same port of the same windows machine) from prpc.

- There are no firewalls between the windows machine that hosts services and the linux machine which hosts prpc.

- Choosing net.tcp binding results in the same error.

How can I call a WCF Soap service from prpc?

Any help would be appreciated.

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