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Calling Postgres stored proc with OUT params

How to call postgres stored proc (which has multiple out params ) from Pega.

Stored proc signature:

CREATE OR REPLACE FUNCTION Test_postgres_SP(P_arg1 text, P_arg2 text, OUT p_out_arg_1 text, OUT p_out_arg_2 text, OUT p_out_arg_3 text)
LANGUAGE plpgsql



--Do some logic here

p_out_arg_1 :='true';
p_out_arg_2 :='test123';
p_out_arg_3 :='test456';
COST 100;


In Pega :

Create connect -SQL RULE

with class : as per your requirement

PackageName: Postgres

in the rule in Open TAB:

Select p_out_arg_1 AS "TempConnectSQLPage.testOutParam1" ,p_out_arg_2 AS "TempConnectSQLPage.testOutParam2 ",p_out_arg_3 AS "TempConnectSQLPage.testOutParam3" from garc.getnext_task_wrapper( {TempConnectSQLPage.testParam1},{TempConnectSQLPage.testParam2})

Save the rule

in the calling activity


Pages & Classes

TempConnectSQLPage : with class what ever you want but input and out params are set on this page.

RDBTestPage : with class on which the Connect-SQL rule is present. (When you call connect-SQL rule it resets the page on which it is called. So do not use the same page on which you are setting input params and expecting out put params. Check the RDB-open Page below)

Step1: Page-New : TempConnectSQLPage

Step2: Property-Set : TempConnectSQLPage.testParam1 && TempConnectSQLPage.testParam2

Step3: RDB-open Step Page : RDBTestPage (use different page here, as this page will be reset on this step)

Pass the args (standard way)

Step 4 : Get the values from the TempConnectSQLPage like Property-Set

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