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Posted: September 18, 2019
Last activity: September 23, 2019

Campaign failed with Exception in stage: Offer Flow Suspend and Update the campaign to resolve this issue


We are running a campaign and getting error as below. Would you kindly help us to understand the root cause or what action we could take to resolve this?

Thank you!

Exception in stage: Offer Flow
Suspend and Update the campaign to resolve this issue. After updating, you can Restart or Skip this run

Checked in the log and below is the log message:

  api.dataflow.DataFlow) ERROR   - Supressing an exception from status subscriber onNext 
com.pega.dsm.dnode.api.DNodeException: Unable to release lock on [Data_Flow_Lock_For_ASSIGN-DDF PR-2938!DIST72STATUS_CHANGE] 
	at com.pega.dsm.dnode.impl.dataflow.manager.DataFlowLockManager.unlock( 
	at com.pega.dsm.dnode.impl.dataflow.manager.WorkPersistenceManager.saveWithStatusChange( 
	at com.pega.dsm.dnode.impl.dataflow.manager.DataFlowMetricsSubscriber$AssignmentUpdater.updateWith( 
	at com.pega.dsm.dnode.impl.dataflow.manager.DataFlowMetricsSubscriber.onNext( 
	at com.pega.dsm.dnode.impl.dataflow.manager.DataFlowMetricsSubscriber.onNext( 
	at com.pega.dsm.dnode.api.dataflow.DataFlow$1$2.onNext( 
	at com.pega.dsm.dnode.api.dataflow.DataFlow$1$2.onNext( 
	at com.pega.dsm.dnode.api.dataflow.DataFlow$1.emit( 
	at com.pega.dsm.dnode.impl.dataflow.manager.LocalRun.execute( 
	at com.pega.dsm.dnode.impl.dataflow.manager.LocalRun.lockAndRun( 
	at java.util.concurrent.ThreadPoolExecutor.runWorker( 
	at java.util.concurrent.ThreadPoolExecutor$ 
	at com.pega.dsm.dnode.impl.prpc.PrpcThreadFactory$ 
Caused by: Database-LockFailure-LockLost	Data_Flow_Lock_For_ASSIGN-DDF PR-2938!DIST72STATUS_CHANGE 
From: (B17ABCCCF0E0040267BA0ECFB7F59B2CF)  
	SQL: select pxOwnerId as "pxOwnerId", pxUpdateOperator as "pxUpdateOperator", pxUpdateOpName as "pxUpdateOpName", pxExpireDateTime as "pxExpireDateTime", pxUpdateDateTime as "pxUpdateDateTime", pxLockHandle as "pxLockHandle", pxCreateDateTime as "pxCreateDateTime", pxUserHost as "pxUserHost" from PEGA_DATA.pr_sys_locks where pzInsKey = ? 
	SQL Inserts: <Data_Flow_Lock_For_ASSIGN-DDF PR-2938!DIST72STATUS_CHANGE>	 
	at com.pega.dsm.dnode.impl.dataflow.manager.DataFlowLockManager.unlockWithLockProvider( 
	at com.pega.dsm.dnode.impl.dataflow.manager.DataFlowLockManager.unlock( 
	... 15 more 
2019-09-18 09:53:54,855 [-threads-1000418060)] [  STANDARD] [                    ] [      AAMKT:01.21.01] (PegaMKT_Work_ProgramRun.Action) ERROR   - Failure in ExecuteProgramRun: Exception in stage: Offer Flow 
Pega Marketing System Administration
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