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Posted: January 21, 2019
Last activity: November 15, 2019

Can changes to the Operator ID be saved from another Operator ID in Pega 7.22

We have a Pega Smart Disputes (Pega 7.2.2) cloud implementation and we have a requirement to change the password of the OperatorID from another Operator ID.

According to, changes to the pega admin operator ID can only be saved from the Operator Profile screen not from the Operator ID screen (which I have proven to be correct). Therefore no other Operator ID can save changes to this Operator ID.

Is there a specific role or another privilege that allows changes to be saved to the Pega admin operator ID from the Operator ID screen, so changes can be saved by a different operator. Or is this simply not possible in Pega 7.2.2.

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