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Posted: March 15, 2021
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Posted: 15 Mar 2021 13:16 EDT
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Can a class of Int- can have a class from Data- as its parent through directed inheritance

Conisder the scenario:

Customer data type and it's class is Org-App-Data-Customer and it has the following fields defined:FName,LName & EMail. Email is the key.

I am trying to build a Rest service which accepts email as the input and returns the FName&LName as the response.

Rest Service Integration Class is Org-App-Int-SvcCustomer. Request Class is Org-App-Int-SvcCustomer-Request and Response Class is Org-App-Int-SvcCustomer-Response. I have created the email property under the request class and firstname,lastname properties under the response class respectively.


I have created two page properties under the Org-App-Int-SvcCustomer.

Property: Request - page type - definition - Org-App-Int-SvcCustomer-Request

Property: Response- page type - definition - Org-App-Int-SvcCustomer-Response

Here my question is, instead of creating the properties under request & response class, can I make the Org-App-Data-Customer as parent for the request and response classes through directed inheritance. So the properties under Org-App-Data-Customer class are accessible to request and response classes too.

Is it okay to inherit the rules from Data class to Int class and Is this considered as a best practice?


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