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Posted: December 15, 2015
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Can Data Flow rule, invoked from a Workflow thru pxRunSingleCaseDDF, perform the job of retrieving additional data from additional tables before calling Strategy

Scenario 1) I have built a workflow, that invokes an Activity which calls the API pxRunSingleCaseDDF, which in turn runs a simple Data Flow with (Abstract class IN - Decision Strategy - SR class out). It produces a simple SR result (no real logic involved). This is on 7.1.7 version. This works fine. I can see Strategy being executed in Tracer.

Scenario 2) What I am trying to prove out is: Run the same exact Flow as above, invoking a different Data Flow where this Data Flow has an additional (Data Set + Compose) shape. The Data set is retrieving additional Data from a physical external table and Compose joins on customerID Key (values available on Abstract IN class and Data set results) and embeds each matched record inside property of type page of that external table class.

This design is being tested to see if the "Additional" customer data can be obtained via Workflow+DDF instead of the typical Workflow+ Activity Connectors traditional approach.

Now when I run the same flow with this modified DDF, I see that the Data flow is not running fully as I cannot see the Strategy being run in the tracer. I don't see any embedded Page created on clipboard that should get created thru the Compose shape.


A) can the Data flow be configured to pull additional data thru (data set, compose, convert etc) shapes and then call Strategy when DDF is being called by a Workflow?? This will work fine when DDF is being run as a batch directly. Would like to know if the Product supports this kind of implementation.

B) Any clues why the DDF is not working fully in scenario 2 while it runs fine in scenario 1? Any way to debug what is going wrong?

Note: All this POC is done on 7.1.7 but eventually will be implemented at Client side on 7.1.9

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