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Johan Hoogenboezem (JohanH55)
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Posted: March 30, 2020
Last activity: May 11, 2020

Can a Data Type be delegated or not?

I've created a production ruleset and added it to an appropriate access group and the application. I have all the privileges I need and managed to set up delegation for a decision table and a value map rule. However, I am unable to set up delegation for a data type. I get this error:

error screen shot

The documentation references that I found appears to indicate that this should be possible. The information I found on the community site is confusing and perhaps dated. So I would really like a clear, unambiguous answer on this: can a data type be delegated or not? If yes, then how? I get that a data type is un-versioned and therefore it probably cannot be moved/copied to a production ruleset, so what else is needed to get it working?

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