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Can I consider integration rulesets as a component?

Can I categorize multiple integration rulesets and include all those rulesets as part of a component? Basically I am planning to build a global integration layer which any project across the organization can just use them when they are included at the enterprise layer. I can do it in 3 ways 

1) By creating single Global int layer which includes all the integration rulesets. The con I see with this approach is if one application has to consume latest X intgeration ruleset version , they are forced to consume all other latest A , B , C integration ruleset version as well

2) By categorizing integrations and creating multiple applications and use the MOB concept. Even with approach the con I mentioned above still exists but the impact is very minimal as we have multiple applications

3) By categorizing integrations and creating multiple components for each category , but i don't understand the differences between #1 and #2. What is the benefit I am getting in creating multiple components vs multiple applications? 

Bottom line I am trying to establish a global foundation / enterprise layer for my organization. I just want to ensure that the path I take does not lead to heavy maintenance and the same time don't want to restrict all applications team to use the latest and greatest code even though they might not require

I was also told that Pega is moving away from Component Archietecture? Is it true?


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