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Jacky Yap (yapj1)
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Posted: May 9, 2019
Last activity: May 12, 2019

Can I have an exposed column that contain data as long as 500 chars?


Can I have an exposed column that contain data as long as 500 chars? (In Oracle, I can declare a column that is VARCHAR2 with 2000 chars)

I had created a TEXT property, exposed the column and then tried to insert that column with string of around 400 chars, but Pega throws an error.

I went to the DB, increased the column size of that column to VARCHAR2 with 500 chars.

I also went to that Pega property and check the setting, the max length was somehow automatically set to 256 (Done by Pega during exposing column?). I then change it to 500, but Pega does not allow it, so I just cleared it and save that property.

After that, I go to the Pega Database Table record and resave the class to DB table mapping record of that class.

However, when I retry, it still throws the same error, stating that the max length is 256.

My questions:

1) Can I have an exposed column that is more than 256 chars in Pega? (In Oracle DB, I have defined column that is 2000 chars before.) If yes, how can this be done? (putting performance, etc. aside first, I want to know if Pega explicitly disallowed this)

2) What is the recommended procedure to unexpose a column? I deleted the column in the DB table itself, and also removed the record in the Log-System-PropertyOptimization, I also saved the class database table mapping record entry. This would technically means that this column is now only in BLOB. However, when I try again, I still receive the 256 max length error. It seems to suggest to me that apart from the DB table, I also need to delete the Pega property and recreate it again?

Thanks in advance and looking forward to any advice on the above.



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