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Can I use ServiceExport path for my file listener directory?


I am trying to implement a simple file service processing[processing a csv file]. And that part works great, I tested by running the service directly by uploading a csv file.

Now I want the service file to be processed by a file listener. While configuring, I am asked with the directory to listen. I am trying to use the ServiceExport directory[file://web:/StaticContent/global/ServiceExport/], and I get success when i click on "Test Connection".

I am FilePath control to upload a file to this path. I confirmed the file is placed in the ServiceExport directory. But the file listener doesn't seem to process this file.

So my question is can I use the ServiceExport directory for file listener location?

If not, how to create a directory for file listener? I read articles that PEGA should have read/write access to the listening directory. So how can i create one.

By the way I am using Pega 7.3.1 Personal Edition.

NOTE: I cleared the ServiceExport directory files before to make sure only my newly uploaded file is the 1st instance of CSV.

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