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Stephanie Giovannini (StephanieG8434)
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Centene Corporation
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Posted: August 4, 2020
Last activity: August 4, 2020

Can the logs omit automation parameters?

We are using Pega Robotic Automation to call websites which require PII to be entered in forms (Personally Identifiable Information).

The PII is passed in clear text to the robot from Pega. Then the PII is passed as a parameter through the automation until it is eventually entered into a text box or other such web control.

As this occurs, the log (in the Automation category) records the PII value each time it's a parameter for a procedure and each time it's entered into a web control.

Security has asked us to stop this from happening. However, I don't want to drastically reduce the Automation category logging. The ExecutionLink log entries are critical information for troubleshooting. And if we reduce the log level to prevent the PII, then, per security restrictions, we will never be allowed to increase the log/diagnostic level for troubleshooting an automation.

Is there a feature or setting that stops the Robot Runtime from logging the data that is passed into the automation?  Almost everything useful can be logged without repeating that data.


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