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Marcin Ciszek (ciszm)
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Pegasystems Inc.
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Posted: July 22, 2019
Last activity: July 27, 2019

Can not specify proxy details on Rest connector level

We would like to set a proxy for one of our REST connectors. For SOAP connectors proxy information can be supplied, however, REST connectors don't seem to have this functionality?
Tried supporting a page with proxy details similarly when dealing with SOAP, however, it is not picked up. I also found pxApplyHTTPProxyConfiguration, but unsure how to use it.
Please note we can not add it as JVM arg as a proxy is only used for this specific connector only.

On community were articles about Setting proxy in REST connector:

But all these articles are about passing proxy details as JVM arguments that would make those global.
We would like to make it on the connector level.

My question is whether this functionality is supported by the platform and if yes, how?

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