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Sesha Harikrishna Kanduri (SeshaHarikrishnaK)
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Posted: June 25, 2020
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Can pega Send Email in batches?

Hello Team,

We have a requirement to display the Total number of open cases in our system, so we have utilized the Report Definition and displayed it on the UI. The problem arises when the Export is clicked with more than 1Lakh records, users either get a timeout, logged out, or the standard Pega Error.

In order to avoid this, we came up with a scenario to remove the export options and rather to do the export with a click of a button->Create a case at the back end with the Report fetching a max of 1Lakh records->Route to WB->Process through an SLA to the next connector->Send EMail shape.

This is working perfect, but I am unsatisfied, I wanted the remaining records which exceeds 1Lakh records to be in a separate email.

I thought of two approaches, but both have their cons. please suggest if there is any functionality that I can leverage. 

Approach 1: 

An Activity to have the Report Definition fetching all the records, and the logic to Eliminate the first 1Lakh records.


1. DB might get timed out.

2. Email might not be sent or sent with limited records.


Approach 2: 

Wite an Activity to set a flag on each case processed, which is an efficient solution. so that the next set of records would not have this flag set.


1. A new property needs to be exposed as a column.

2. This flag should be set as false the moment all the records are Emailed.


Additional Details: we are using Pega Internal table. Our current version of Pega is 8.3.2



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