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Can pxOpenAssignmentLink be encrypted?

We use the pxOpenAssimentLink to generate a link to a work item assignment.
By sending the link by email, end user can click the link in a email and open the assignment in Pega.
Here is a link example:… TGB-HRAPPS-WORK C-23!COLLECTCANDIDATEDETAILS_0&InsClass=Assign-Worklist&pyShowFullPortal=false

But it seems that there is a security problem. The link is not encrypted and can be figured out what it means and this will lead to a security risk.

We know that by using mimecast's service, the link can be redirected through mimecast. But at present the customer does not plan to use the mimecast service.

Is there any good implementation to encrypts links sent to end users so that the link can not be recognized without any effort.

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