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Can we drop the index on the pzInskey on the application specific feeds processing logging table?

Hi All,

Our application built on Pega 6.3 Sp1 and using oracle database 11g.

We are using one table for logging purpose which is to log the processing inbound feeds. We are not using this table for loading the work object or making updates in pega. This is just to insert the received feeds for logging purpose.

This table will have lot of records and everyday there will be 7K+ records will be inserted. We are experiencing some slowness in this feeds processing and noticed that pzInsKey column is an indexed column and this is not used for any query purpose. We are suspecting whether because of this indexed column causing the slowness in the insert operation and want to make sure whether pzInskey should be indexed column in all the Pega tables?

Please confirm whether this pzInsKey column index can be removed?

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