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Sanjay Alladi (Alladi)
Sanjay Alladi
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Posted: October 2, 2018
Last activity: June 4, 2020

Can we populate the grid columns dynamically?

I would like to check a possibility of having dynamic grid.
we basically have a requirement to maintain our reference data.
we have 1100 data base tables where we store different kind of reference data. each table structure is different with different number of columns.
We want to introduce a feature where users would be managing the data into these tables from pega.
basically, we have a drop down with all list of table names. Once the table name is selected, we need to display all the rows and columns from the selected table.
If we go with different grids or sections, we will need to create 1100 different sections/grids. and this would be a raw way of doing it.

So, just want to check if there is a way of populating the grid dynamically with the structure of the selected table name.
I know there is a way to configure from report definition but still we need to define the report definition with table structure upfront, which we do not want.

Please let me know if there is a way to address this.

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