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Posted: July 15, 2016
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Can we upgrade/update to 7.2.1 with hazelcast disabled?


**Re Creating this post here as directed by pega mesh community 

Background: As part of our 7.1.8 upgrade we had to disable hazelcast  ( by a prconfig setting <env name="identification/cluster/protocol" value="none" />). This is because the client security policy does not allow us to open up ports to other data centers. As per discussions with Pegasystems earlier this year looks like newer versions of pega ( 7.1.9 +) are adding more/disruptive features based on hazelcast clustering technology. So we want validate it before we update to 7.2.1

Question :  Is turning on hazelcast a mandatory thing if we have to upgrade to 7.2.1? Please let us know.

--- If answer is YES, it kind puts a blocker in our way with the security concerns mentioned above)




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