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Can we use two Pega rule schema's and one Pega data schema for two different VM?

Can we use two Pega rule schema and one Pega data schema for two different nodes?

We have two nodes and common DB for both but both nodes can not communicate with each other because we are facing the cache issue and Pega suggested for the app server restart after each deployment. for example - need to restart the first APP server if code has been deployed on the second server for code synching issue. 

We are thinking to resolve this issue can we create two separate rule schema PegaRULES1, PegaRULES2, and one common PegaData schema. The deployment will be happening on both the nodes.

Please let me know Pega will support this architecture or will impose a risk on the application stability as The inter-node communication is not possible between the nodes in this application architecture. 

As per the Pega Team "The inter-node communication is required with all nodes."



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