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Posted: June 26, 2019
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Cancel Flow in Modal dialog

Hi All, I have one requirement. I am on a screen , let's say screen X. On click of Submit button (from pyCaseAreaactionButton) I am opening one screen flow in Modal dialog. We are using Pega OOTB template. In the OOTB template there is no cancel button. So I have added one. Now the problem is whenever user clicks on cancel button it should return to screen X. I have tried with on click close action set. But throwing some error as Modal is creating a new thread. Again when user is on last screen of Submit it should finish assignment on screen X. I have tried with finish assignment action set in Submit button of screen X (pyCaseActionareaButton section) based on when condition. But that when condition flag is setting in Modal thread and does not coming to the parent thread. So my assignment is getting submitted Everytime. So need suggestions to resolve above issues.

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