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Cancel Request WHEN Rule Not Working

Hello All: I am working with a specific Case Type. If the User did not create the Case, they should not be able to Cancel it.

This is working for other Case Types, but for one I am having an issue.

The configuration:

1.. Open Case Type. Click on the First Step, and click 'Open Process'

2. Click on 'Process'. Click button 'Open Case Type Definition'

3. Click on 'Stages' Tab

Usually, Local Actions are configured here, and, for other steps, an Allowed WHEN Rule is used. However, on the first step, even though there are NO Local Actions configured, there is a "CANCEL Request" item available, on the first step, in the Action menu.

For other Case Types, this is also the scenario. However, the Cancel Request option is not available for Operators who did not create the Request.

Is there another place this configuration needs to happen, that I am missing??

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