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Tyler Barnett (TylerB47)

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Posted: January 8, 2018
Last activity: January 23, 2018

Cannot create Data Transform rule

I'm here in the course:

  • Setting property values automatically
  • Exercise: Initializing the list of dependents for married or partnered employees
  • Initialize the Dependents page list if the employee is married

First of all, step 2 does NOT work:

  • Under Benefits Enrollment, right-click Data Model and select +Create > Data Transform. The New Record form appears.
  • Right-clicking does not do anything, but I can go to the top, click Create+, and select "Data Model" > "Data Transform".
  • The "Create Data Transform" screen shows, and I enter into the top Label "Initialize spouse, per step 3.
  • The next field below is called Context, with field "Apply To", and here is where I'm lost.
  • I can type a C or D there, and get various selection values. WHICH ONE TO USE? (see screenshots C and D)
  • I've tried many different ones, let's say I picked this one: "TGB-HRApps-Data-Dependent", and clicked Submit.

I'm now in this screen: "Edit Data Transform: Initialize spouse[Available]

  • Now I performed steps 5 through 9:
  • In the top row, under Target, enter .MaritalStatus == "Married/Partnered".
  • In the second row, under Target, enter or select .Dependents(1).Relationship.
  • Under Source, enter "Spouse/Partner".
  • Click Save.

The result is an error screen with 2 bad values (see screenshot ERROR).

What should I do?

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