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Michael Finlay (MichaelF1903)

MichaelF1903 Member since 2012 26 posts
Posted: March 4, 2020
Last activity: March 4, 2020

Cannot reference embedded scalar property in a report definition

We are upgrading an application from 6.1SP2 to 7.4. As part of this we are replacing Listviews with Report Definitions. We have a Listview that returns an embedded scalar property (see attachment) and it works fine, even after upgrading. But the corresponding Report Definition created in 7.4 does not allow the embedded property, despite the 7.4 help page stating it should:

"Specify a Single Value property, which may be a top-level or embedded scalar property, identified by a property reference."

The property in question - .SwitchDetails.Type - is exposed on the table.

We will be moving to using Edge as the browser of choice in future, and as Listviews are not supported under Edge we don't have the luxury of using the existing Listview. I realise we could duplicate the property on the top-level page via a declare expression, but that is not a realistic solution as there are circa 300,000 records that would need to be re-saved to populate the new property.

Can anyone help?

Pega Platform 7.4 Reporting Financial Services Senior System Architect