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Posted: May 11, 2018
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Cannot Use ValueList in Pega 7 Data Types Report Definition rules

Hi All, We would like to know if anyone faced such type of scenario in converting a Pega 6 data table to Pega 7 Data Type. Kindly let us know the approach followed to resolve/mitigate the issue. Issue Faced:- 1. We migrated from Pega 6.1 to Pega 7.2.1 2. We decided to convert all deprecated Pega 6 data tables to Pega 7 Data Type. 3. Some of the data model tables contain ValueList columns. 4. Back in Pega 6, the List view fetches the column values from DB and display in the Data Model Editor window. List View allows Value List. 5,. In Pega 7 Data Type. Report Definition fetches the values from DB. Report Definition does not allow to save Valuelist as a column. Here is a pdn article on which this topic was discussed, but the blog was inconclusive. Please let us know whether any hotfix or workaround is available in Pega 7 overcome this issue. As a result, couple of tables we are not able to convert to Data Type. The disadvantage in Data Model is that "Edit in Excel" option have been deprecated. Hence we have to manually update each record which is time consuming. We have to convert to Data Type. There is no question on it. But how to handle ValueList is the problem. Here are the ideas we tried:- 1. Tried to keep 2 columns in unexposed state in DB - a scalar and the ValueList property in question. If the columns are not exposed, then its impossible to export the data into Excel sheet , which is the primary objective in migrating from Data Model to Data Type. 2. We cannot go for converting ValueList into Scalar type and make code changes to retrieve the data using parse delimited in all the referencing rules. The regression impact is more. ValueList list item 1 list item 2 list item 3 Converted into scalar as :- list item 1,list item 2, list item 3.

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