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CanRunMultiplePackages ?

Could someone please explain the following configuration settings and exactly how they are utilized…?

Are they only for RPA or do they also apply to RDA…?

Runtime Configuration Settings XML File

SingleCopy – When set to True, only one instance of Runtime can be run on a desktop.

Set to False to enable multiple instances of Runtime to run. The default is True.

CanRunMultiplePackages – Set this key to True if you want Runtime to load all of the packages

assigned in the Deployment Portal. The default is False. If this key

is set to False and multiple packages are assigned in the Deployment Portal,

the user is prompted to specify which package to load.

<!-- If CanRunMultiplePackages is true all packages assigned in OMC will be loaded by Runtime. -->

<add key="CanRunMultiplePackages" value="false" />

We are especially interested in the “CanRunMultiplePackages” setting and if that would work for our Desktop Automations…?

We are trying to address a scenario to where we have users that need to run both “AgileDesktop_A” and “AgileDesktop_B” if that makes sense and therefore, instead of having to exist and close the Agile Desktop and reload again with different Package, we are hoping to be able to load multiple Packages and then switch or select within the Agile Desktop which Package the User needs to interact with at any given time without having to exit & re-launch Openspan. Is that even possible….? If multiple Packages are able to load, then how would one switch between them..?



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