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Can't find setDomainEnv.bat config file

I've installed Tomcat 8.5 on my app server, SQL Server on my database server, and run the UI installation tool on the app server. I'm at the part of configuring my app server. The Pega installation guide (For reference 7.3.1) outlines a "setDomainEnv.bat" file that I need to configure this headless parameter for, though I can't find this file anywhere. Where would it be? (I'm on Windows. Also my first time setting up an environment from scratch.)

"6. Add a headless AWT setting to the Java options in the configuration file that is passed to Java to allow the Pega Platform to render and display graphics: a. Open the configuration file setDomainEnv.bat or that is passed to Java at startup. The specific file name and location is site-specific. b. Add the following JVM option: -Djava.awt.headless=true"

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