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Can't localize Create Merge Document OOTB button (Pega 8.3)

Hi guys!

I noticed that in Pega 7.1.9 in rule pzWordMergeSL we get the button thru this:

<input type=button id="btWordMerge" value="<pega:lookup property=".pyCaption" value="MSWordMsg Create Merge Document"/>" onclick="unhideSilverLightInstallationImageLink();">

But in Pega 8.3 in rule pzWordMergeSL we get the button in other way:

<input type=button id="btWordMerge" value="Create Merge Document" onclick="unhideSilverLightInstallationImageLink();">

Thats why I can't get localized value from FieldValue rule. I already attemped to create pyButton, pyButtonLabel, pyCaption field values but still can't translate my button in runtime. When I edit pzWordMergeSL in private mode to set value of the button to get pyCaption it works, but pzWordMergeSL is set to Final mode and I can't save it to my RuleSet. 

Please tell me what can I do to resolve this problem?

Thanks in advance!

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