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James Fisher (JamesF91)

JamesF91 Member since 2016 1 post
Posted: July 27, 2020
Last activity: July 28, 2020

Can't open Rules - PegaRULES Request Status good The operation completed successfully, but returned no content

In designer studio, we try to open a rule i.e operator record and we get: (Seems to be for all types of rules, activities, operators etc)

"PegaRULES Request Status good The operation completed successfully, but returned no content"

However, when we refresh the browser tab (or F5), the rule will then show as intended. We have to do this for every tab we open in designer studio.

Things we have tried:

  • removed extract marker file
  • regenerated PRGenClasses, PRGenJava in PR_Temp
  • Truncated the DB cache tables
  • Tried OOTB operators same symptoms
  • Revalidate and save same symptoms

Restarted the application servers when performing the above changes. We also do not see any specific errors in the log relating to this.

Any ideas on why refreshing the screen fixes it, but requires a refresh everytime we open a rule in designer studio?

Answer - DSS was found: Pega-Engineprconfig/initialization/httpstreamduringassembly/default = false, removed and restarted appserver and was resolved.

Pega Platform 7.1.7 System Administration Financial Services System Administrator