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Posted: April 16, 2016
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Can't we refer py,px properties in JSON request?


I am building a service REST with the media type as application/JSON. In my data I have a embeded page which holds the address of the customer. In order to achieve this I am creating a Page property of Data-Party class , so I can use the OOTB properties.

And below is my JSON request. But when I pass these as part of my POST request, Pega is not able to recognize py properties and mapping of data is not done from Service page to work page.

Any thoughts?

Sample request:


    "SourceSystem": "GPP",

    "ExceptionCasesList": [{

      "Amount": "100",

      "ExternalTrackID": "UI022907432780122106",

      "BankAccountNo": "1235459343",

      "LoadNo": "3577823",

      "CheckORCCNNo": "4326777",

      "DoctTypeCode": "50",

      "BankRoutingNo": "f",

      "CustomerName": "JPMC",

      "GLAccountNo": "1232323",



      "Reason": "1",

      "Region": "US1",

      "PartyAddress": {

        "pyWorkAddress1": " 706 NW 89th Ave",

        "pyCity": "Plantation",

        "pyState": "Florida",


        "pyPostalCode": "33324"




MyServicePage inbound mapping: In the below highlighted section Test property is mapped properly , but not the pyProperties.


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