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manigandan Kannappan (manigandanK1235)

manigandanK1235 Member since 2019 2 posts
Posted: April 20, 2020
Last activity: April 20, 2020

Case access from other pega application from Same DB, not in Built on applications

we have scenario to get data from the case created in other pega application not in our stack but in Same DB

Option 1 :- Get case API

Option 2 :- Make that other application in my app stack as built on (DCR)

Option 3:- Building some component in Shared ruleset similar to get case as internal

All the option are possible with some pro and cons.

The applications are unrelated I cannot make it as built on and get case API is using int / network layer its costly for internal. Option 3 is somewhat lean toward

Any other options are welcome here and highly appreciated  



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