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Case Locking Timeout- How far can it go?

Hi, I am looking to see is there any specific recommendation around how far one should go while changing the default case lock timeout from 30 min to more. currently it is set to 3 hrs, but client wants it to be 8 hrs due to the nature of the work processing.

I understand the aforesaid can be taken care via training and all where users can be educated to hit save periodically. However, I am interested to know what could be some of the implications (if any) on DB server and App server if we go beyond this time.

In my opinion, technically, I do not see any issue from Pega perspective per say, neither from DB perspective. However, would there be any significant impact on tomcat other than the fact that if session is active for 8 hours, the memory would be allocated for that requester for 8 hours?

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