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Posted: December 4, 2020
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case type and flow use case

Hi All,

Looking for a good design solution.  The application is headless(no UI) and the case is run by an standard agent. Given, we know the number of approvals that case will have to be routed in its life cycle. ** it will have to be routed sequentially.

 The steps in flow is:

1. Case will call a service call, if successful route to work basket

(Case will wait for approval now which happens outside Pega. Through REST call the case would resume the flow.)

2. Next, the case will call same soap call with a different request parameters. If successful, It will be routed to work basket 2 or keep retrying the service call.

So on.. and so forth...

Requirement is, instead of calling the above steps 1 and 2 each time, how to configure flow once and repeat the process twice. 

(** as Split-for-each will execute independently one after the other without waiting for 1st work basket approval, unable to achieve using that.)

The number of approvals will vary for different cases, so trying to configure the flow to execute dynamically.

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