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Posted: April 2, 2021
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Posted: 2 Apr 2021 7:09 EDT
Last activity: 2 Apr 2021 13:23 EDT

CDH - Unable to Finalize File output template

We have actions with flow tab having a simple flow where in a generic treatment properties we write to File ( in delivery options). In the File output template ( RULE-OBJ-TEMPLATE PEGAMKT-WORK-OFFER-xxxx-xxx) the  repository, file path  and finalize options everything was mentioned currently. However after latest deploy of code ( which is to do mostly only with engagement policies change)  the Finalization is not happening  when primary scheduler runs and/or even manually trying to finalize the template.


  • The Primary scheduler run is stuck in forever Running state and showing result as blank
  • We can see "etimated staged records" count correctly in the Fileoutputtemplate, but it is not just able to finalize in to a CSV


Any suggestion or ideas are welcome


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