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Posted: February 13, 2020
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Centering Pega Window Form on the Web Window

I need to show the Wndows Form that contains some warning message on top and at the center of the Web Page:



Windows Form is a Pega item that I created via Pega Robotics Studio

Web Page is  Adapters.Web.Controls.WebPage control

I have tried to use WindowsForm.Show(owner), setting Web Window instance as an forms owner, but studio did not allow me to "draw" the blue line from This to owner in the last step.

Even more, the form sometimes is hidden under the WebPage, so the TopMost property is not working consistently . 



Can you please suggest the technique to display windows form on top and center of the web page?


I attached small project with this this example.


Pega Robotic Desktop Automation
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