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Anders Sellberg (AndersS1)

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Posted: 3 weeks 4 days ago
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Change datetime text entry format

Is there any way to change the format of the text input on a datetime property? When I choose a date from the picker it will show the date in my defined read only format, but when I manually enter the date it will only allow the format MM/dd/yyyy. I need to be able to enter the date in yyyy-MM-dd, as well as enter it through a date picker.

There is a duplicate topic with the same question ( where the creator of that post seem to have gotten nowhere with the proposed solutions. 

I have tried the solutions found in that thread such as editing pxDateControls, pxDateControls2, and tried different settings of the actual datetime property I am trying to change.

My problem can probably be solved using a text input which I then validate and a seperate date picker (in some way) that somehow sends the date to the text input, BUT it would be much nicer to use the built in functionality of Pega instead of a very custom solution.

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