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Posted: November 8, 2018
Last activity: December 4, 2018

Change of OperatorID without impacting users & work

We are using Single Sign-On authentication and our company will have to change the ActiveDirectory. The unique identifier for the operators will change (i.e. will become ABC123). This change has to be transparent for our end users and we need to make sure that everything which exist in the system (work, assignments, attachments, parties, managers of work groups, substitute operators, reports to, etc....) remains/becomes available for the new user ID.
Is there a bulk database tool or anything else that can find&replace the old ID with the new one in the whole system?

If we have to do this manually, how can we identify all the OOTB components/rules where the OperatorID has an impact and needs replacement?

Any suggestions, ideas or previous experiance around such problme is highly appreciated!

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