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Posted: May 14, 2018
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Changing circumstancing from single variable to multiple variables

I created a rule long ago that uses single variable circumstancing; now I need to change it to use multiple variable circumstancing. I have tried the following to update the circumstancing:

1) Create a copy of the single variable rule (a section in ruleset version 78) that contains the same circumstance into a higher RSV - 87 and withdraw the section. Then create a copy of the section using multiple variables in RSV 88. I received an error (below).

2) Create a new base version of the rule in a higher RSV - 87 then create a section using multiple variable circumstancing in RSV 88.

No matter what I try I get this error: pyCircumstanceProp—
This rule already has a circumstance property defined (.PropertyName); you cannot give it another.

When I look at the XML on the base version of the rule in RSV 87 the pyCircumstanceProp is empty.

How do I update a single variable circumstanced rule to use multiple variable circumstancing?

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