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Posted: February 7, 2020
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ChatBot post-8.3.1 upgrade looking for Text Analyzer and creating new data instance types – WHY?

ChatBot functionality on 8.2.3 was recently upgraded to 8.3.1 Immediately, we started tracing we found Pega is trying to open a text analyzer instance from class "Data-Decision-Request-MCP-WebChat-WVHEAOFX" ,where we don't have any text analyzer in our application. “Unable to open an instance using the given inputs: pxObjClass = "Rule-Decision-DecisionParameters", pyClassName = "Data-Decision-Request-MCP-WebChat-WVHEAOFX", pyPurpose = "pyNER"  “

Also we see lots of new data classes (see pic below) created when ChatBot is initiated. We need to know the purpose of those instances and what is the reason behind them. Do we need to move those to the higher environment as well or not?

New instances we don't understand purpose or importance, if any

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