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Posted: February 16, 2021
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Posted: 16 Feb 2021 1:24 EST
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Child Case Issue, Data transform does not automatically create to populate the child case with data from the parent

I have a issue with my Car Rental Application. However this only happens on this specific case and not on other cases I have created. Let me walk you through my first stage:  

  • Collect Customer Information step
  • Collect Customer Information step
  • Collect Customer Information step
    • New Process
      • Create Case Step 
      • Wait Step

Here is how I configured my child case. In App studio I select the Insurance case type on the right, and I select the check box "Transform information to a new case" and then select all fields from the "'From'field" column and tick the "Add mapped fields". Now this is where things go wrong. If I save and run it fails to load into my child case due the the data transform. Once I save in App studio I see on the Child Case step "This step has advanced configuration set at Dev Studio" and I must go there to see any further settings to do with my Create Case step. Now upon selecting my Create Case step in Dev Studio I see the data transform assigned to the step has the same name as the step, but it is not already created.... I click the cross hairs to the right of the data transform, but instead of opening a configured data transform like what should have happened, it prompts me to create and open and configure this new data transform from scratch.  In other cases I have created I do not see this behaviour, and I am able to successfully populate the child case with data from the parent case using the above steps.  Is this something that I have accidentally caused? I have tried deleting the steps and process and starting again in the same case but to no avail. has anyone seen this behaviour before and knows how I could fix it?  This is all happening on 8.5 on the Pega community trial edition

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