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Chordiant Foundation Server: EJBRegistryCache not getting cleared

Hi Team,

We are using Chordiant Foundation Server 6.5. The recent performance testing revealed that com.chordiant.core.ejbregistry.EJBRegistryCache class is holding so much of memory and leading to performance issue. The memory is mostly occupied by the RegsitryMap inside this class that holds instances of com.chordiant.service.ejb.EJBGatewayServiceBean which is created every time an EJBGatewayServiceCMT service is invoked. This RegistryMap is keep growing in size and it doesn't seem to get cleared at all. This is leading to the out of memory error at one stage. 

Please refer the attached screenshots of jProfiler observations. Please suggest if any config settings might resolve this issue ? Let us know if any further details required. 


ejb-jar.xml config

<session id="EJBGatewayServiceCMT">  <ejb-name>EJBGatewayServiceCMT</ejb-name> <home>com.chordiant.service.ejb.EJBGatewayServiceHome</home> <remote>com.chordiant.service.ejb.EJBGatewayService</remote> <ejb-class>com.chordiant.service.ejb.EJBGatewayServiceBean</ejb-class> <session-type>Stateless</session-type> <transaction-type>Container</transaction-type>   </session>

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