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Posted: August 18, 2017
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Chordiant Marketing Director -- How to..


I have some questions on "How to" in Chordiant Marketing Director.

1) In our current setup, after the campaign being pushed out (by SMS or email), we will then push the data into our main system so that Customer Service is able able to know what is being offered to the customer via an external manual interface. The main issue is that the external interface can take several hours, or days to populate the data. Thus, we encountered customer which to redeem the offer but we are not able to let them redeem because the data is not ready.

We like to revamp the situation, i.e. we will push the information into our main system before we blast out SMS/email. The pushing of data will still go through the same process as current. After the data population has completed, we will then blast out the SMS/email.

Can we achieve this setup in 1 campaign?

2) Can we generate automatically weekly report of all/some of the campaigns performance in the previous week to a shared folder?

3) Can the above 2 be achieved in Pega 7.2.2?


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