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Chordiant Marketing Director tracking responses for Recurring Campaign


We like to set up the following recurring campaign in Chordiant Marketing Director:

Day 1: Create a customer base who has no contract as of Day 1, and blast out SMS 1.

Day 30: For those customer in Day 1 and did not response,we will blast out another SMS 2.

Day 60: For those customer in Day 1 and Day 30 and did not responses, we blast out SMS 3.

This campaign will rerun every 30 days, i.e. At Day 30, the segment will be refreshed to pull out customer who become no contract between Day 1 and Day 30. This second cycle will send out SMS 1, and so on, so forth. For the second Cycle, it will keep track of the customer base in cycle 2.

Can Chordiant Marketing Director supports such a completed campaign?


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