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Class key property returning issue


  • Using the “create datatype” functionality, I have created the class: “Data-XXX”.
  • Data-XXX contains properties .X, .Y and .Z.
  • Where .Y was set as key.
  • The requirements changed and .Y could have the same value twice.
  • Thus, on the “Data-XXX”-rule settings I selected the automatic generation of the key, using .pyGUID.

However, PEGA 8.1.5 still requires .Y to be unique.

  • So, I have deleted all datapages, report def, properties and the class-rule of Data-XXX.
  • Now, I have created the datatype again, with the same name “Data-XXX” and properties.
  • The issue returns, .Y is required and has to be unique.

After checking the DB schema, using the “modify schema” functionality, it appears .Y column could be the issue.

Which tools are best to be used in adjusting the column properties in the DB schema?

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