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Posted: June 8, 2015
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Clear instructions for clearing all caches?

I've been fighting this battle for too long. Like in the movies, I just want to say, it ends here.

We got advice from Pega GCS on a prod issue to just truncate all the cache tables:

truncate table pr_sys_appcache_dep
truncate table pr_sys_appcache_entry
truncate table pr_sys_appcache_shortcut
truncate table pr_sys_cache_dep
truncate table pr_sys_cache_entry
truncate table pr_sys_cache_impl
truncate table pr_assembledclasses
truncate table pr4_rule_sysgen
truncate table pr_sys_rule_impl
truncate table pr_sys_updatescache

This advice is often given by GCS (see here, there)
We'd like to avoid sledgehammer approaches to solving problems. And we need people to understand what these mean.

Some of these tables are queryable in SMA, but they're in different places, with different names. (e.g., on the Application Based Assembly Cache Management tab, under Database reports, when I click Entries, I see a reference to DatabaseACEntryCacheReport. Is this the pr_assembledclasses table?

Can we have (or can someone build) an interface in SMA (or other tool) which displays, for each table (or cache)

  1. What does the table hold? (referenced here -
  2. How many entries are in this table?
  3. What is the corresponding memory cache-- and how many entries are there?
  4. Can we search for a rule reference in the table -- with selective clearing out? (this exists for the app cache management)

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