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Clipboard Page Questions

A bookseller maintains a database of more than 10,000 book titles. You have been asked to configure a form that a allow users to select a book by title. How do you configure the form? A. Add a drop-down control arid source the data from the property value used in the control. B. Add a drop-down control and Source the data using a data page. C. Add an autocomplete control and Source the data using a data page. D. Add an autocomplete control and source the data from the clipboard work page.

I will go with answer C. As far as D i feel  its too much data to have in session memory of clipboard in turn affecting performance. Can someone confirm ?


Qn 2

The business process for an automobile insurance claim consists of the following phases: •Submission: The customer contacts a customer service representative (CSR) to file the claim. •Review: An adjuster reviews the claim, assesses the damages to each vehicle, and provides an estimate of the cost of repairs. •Repair: A third patty performs the repairs on each vehicle, communicating with the adjuster and customer as necessary. •Verification: After each vehicle repair, the adjuster closes the claim. According to Pega best practices, which phase can you implement as a child case? A. Review B. Verification C. Repair D. Submission

Answer is D ?

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