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Posted: April 23, 2019
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closing modal dialog clears requestor DataPage in current Thread

Hi All - As per below requirement

We have a pagination grid , with each row having a button to open dialog, if user is on 2nd page and cancels the dialog , user need to stay on 2nd page but this is not possible as we have a refresh section which is needed and it takes user to page 1

as per our design:

1)open dialog on click of button ,need to refresh section after dialog is closed.

2)dialog has cancel and submit button , on submit need to process , close dialog and refresh section

as in Point 1

3) on cancel , need to close dialog and ignore refresh (Point 1)

To close dialog : doModalAction('',event);

To ignore refresh - pega.control.actionSequencer.clearQueue(); : based on a property set on

pyworkpage OR requestor DataPage

The issue we are facing is that when we close the dialog it also removes the thread(expected)

but the property value which we had set on the requestor data page also gets lost- set as null

as it is getting called on the same thread which is removed,which results in the refresh section getting called(not expected)

Can anyone help on this ?



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