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CLSA 7.3 Individual Exams validity period and retake policy

After reading the FAQs, I am some what confused about CLSA 7.3 Retake Policy. Is it correct that any/all of the 3 exams in the ladder (1)LSA Readiness Exam (2) LSA Architecture Exam (3) LSA Application Build are eligible for 3 retakes in a 12 month period? If there is a retake policy for CLSA, how does it work in below scenario?

Passed LSA Readiness Exam on Jan 1 2018, Appeared but Failed LSA Architecture Exam on Mar 31 2018

As per 3 attempts per year retake policy, can we appear for LSA Architecture Exam again on say Jun 30 2018 for 2nd time and on Dec 31 2018 for 3rd attempt? (if required)

OR, Since LSA Architecture Exam is not cleared/passed with in 3 months of clearing LSA Readiness Exam (by Mar 31 2018), will my LSA Readiness Exam lapse/expires validity and need to appear for LSA Readiness Exam again?

Same scenario, if LSA Architecture Exam is passed but failed in LSA Application build on 90th day. Can we retake only Application build exam for 2nd & 3rd attempts in 1 year period? Or, even the LSA Architecture exam also gets lapsed, since Application Build is not cleared in 90 days? And what happens to the validity of LSA Readiness Exam?

Appreciate help in understanding this.

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