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Anil Kumar Sanka (sanka)
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Posted: September 9, 2019
Last activity: October 26, 2019

CLSA 7.4 to CLSA 8 transition

Hi Team,

Now CLSA 7.3/7.4, we have Readiness(R), Architecture(A) and App Build(B) exams?

What will happen when CLSA next version comes into play?

I have following queries

Q1. Candidate clears R and A, but not attempted B. Whether he needs to write all 3 exams for CLSA 8?

Q2. Candidate clears R and A but given an attempt to B and failed. In this case he need to write all 3 exams or only build?

Q3. Candidate clears only R. Whether he can continue another 2 like A and B when CLSA 8 comes?

When the guidelines for CLSA 7.4 to CLSA 8 transition will be published.

Note: Answer for this question is really helpful for CLSA Aspirants for their preparation schedule

Thanks in advance.

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